África has a dentist appointment

África has a dentist appointment

In December a vet and a dentist will pay us a visit to fix África’s teeth and thus better the well-being of this great chimp!

África was born in the jungle in 2000. When she was just a few month old she was snatched away from her mother and given away. Her lower jaw was fractured, probably a result of her capture. When she arrived at MONA, her fracture had been fixed moreover she still had severe teeth problems.

The time has come to call the dentist and set an appointment to fix these problems once and for all and that way better the life and well-being of África. In December, a vet and a dentist will pay us a visit to do just so!

We would like to take this moment to thank all the animal experts that put in time and work into bettering the lives and health of the chimpanzees and macaques living at the fundació.


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