Our Pillars

Rescue / Rehabilitation

We rescue abused primates, rehabilitate them physically and mentally, and offer them a new life in a social family group

Research / Courses

We use behavioural research in order to monitor and improve the well-being of all rescued animals

Education / Awareness

We raise awareness for these endangered animals by explaining our work to the public through guided educational tours


Hugo, por Marie Hernandez

Hugo, the new inhabitant of MONA. Another challenge twenty years later.

Fundación MONA has just taken in a new tenant. He is Hugo, an adult chimpanzee with psychological problems.

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Bea, Joan Brull

Good bye dear Bea

In the spring of 2012, Bea arrived at MONA. Exactly 10 years later, she said goodbye to us.

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Monkeypox – is it caused by monkeys?

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More and more cases of monkeypox are being detected in our country. As a centre specialised in primates (monkeys), we are receiving enquiries from concerned people. Should we be?

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Suzie_per Laura Riera

48 years old Suzie steps on the grass again

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A few days ago Suzie had access to the great outdoor enclosure for the first time. And guess how she reacted?

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Curso bienestar animal enriquecimiento ambiental

Course: Animale Welfare and Environmental Enrichment

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Onsite course, 4th edition In this course, we will explore the different environmental, behavioural and emotional aspects that must be addressed to improve the welfare of captive primates. We will focus on one of the most powerful tools to motivate natural behaviours and alleviate the negative consequences of life in captivity: environmental enrichment.

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Curso online primatologia

Course: Primatology, past, present and future

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Online course, 3rd edition Worldwide, more than 50% of all non-human primate species are in danger of extinction and many of them have been little studied, so their study and conservation is crucial for their preservation. This course offers a transversal and multidisciplinary approach to learn about the origins of Primatology, understand the current moment30

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"Spending a weekend at MONA for your birthday! Why not! At Mona everything is possible , even if it means to travel 1200km! An unforgettible memory thanks to all the team who made us fell part of the family!"

Begoña y Alberto, from Cádiz

( Working Holidays )

"I'm a big animal lover and this was a dream come true. Two unforgettable days that became one of the most beautiful experiences of my life."

Clara, from Huesca

( Working Holidays )

"With this experience I felt the essence and authenticity that our brothers, the nonhuman primates, remind us."

Silvia, from Barcelona

( Working Holidays )

"We spent here 2 wonderful days! We want to thank the MONA-Team for the nice treatment we received and want to congratulate them on their fantastic work. And also “thank you” to the chimps who accepted as very well!"

Magali & Thomas, from France

( Working Holidays )

"Great to see our fellow primates cared for with such meticulous concern for their physical and emotional needs."

Vanessa & Stephen, from England

( Working Holidays )

Josep said: “It's been the best present I have ever had, thank you Geni, thank you MONA. To love them, doesn´t mean to have them at home… let´s leave them at their place” Geni said: “MONA just gets you emotionally... it seems impossible...”

Geni & Josep, from Spain

( Working Holidays )

"It was a real privilege to see the other side of MONA and get hands on experience. I had so much fun here. It has more than affirmed what I already knew; that these chimps are given the best quality of life..."

Emma, from England

( Working Holidays )

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