Due to complications following a head injury, when she arrived at MONA, Africa’s head and shoulders were completely bald, red…



Her owner obtained her from a circus when she was 10 years old, because she was no longer good for the entertainment industry.



When we rescued Bongo, he was in a cage the size of a microwave oven, isolated from any social contact.



Coco’s owner allowed her to live freely in and around the house, as part of the family. Later she was moved to cages…



He came to MONA before his first birthday and was smoothly integrated. His move to MONA was documented by…



Nico came to MONA at 3 years old, so young but already with a long list of bad experiences behind him. He suffers from Chiari Malformation.

One of the best ways to offer your help is sponsoring one of the chimpanzees. Your help allows us to make plans for the near future and in the long-term, a necessity because chimpanzees can get older than 65 years! Adopting a chimp is a very special way to stay informed about how your chimp is progressing,  find out what happens in his/her every day life, discover his/her relationships within the group, his/her health, what he/she likes most, etc. In addition, you can feel great knowing that you are helping to save chimpanzees and macaques with a sad past and that you are giving them the gift of a second chance of a life they deserve.

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