Whilst MONA continues to provide lifelong care for our existing family groups there is unfortunately an ongoing need to rescue, rehabilitate and care for many other primates that are still being kept in appalling conditions.

Our current location does not provide us with the space or flexibility to take-on new Chimpanzee or Macque cases and there is a need for us to provide support for other primate species.

In addition to improving the facilities for the animals, we will be offering a better equipped and more engaging environment for our other pillar activities: education and research.  Being able to truly engage the visiting school groups, university students, research teams and the general public, is a vital part of making a difference for the survival these species.


We have identified a site close to the towns of Porqueres and Banyoles. The site offers us the space to design enclosures that will help enrich the lives of our existing primates and encourage them to display natural play and food foraging behaviours.

The land has a varied topography and lots of natural vegetation so, although a challenge to develop, it will offer a fantastic environment for our primates and will give us the space we desperately need.

We are very grateful to the Lluis Coromina Foundation, owner of the land, for the donation of their property to MONA, helping our new project become a reality.


As you can see from our plans, the new sanctuary will provide us with the space and facilities we need to secure a safe future for our current family members and for all those primates that need our help.The new center has been designed using strict energy efficiency protocols, implementing criteria that will help lower the carbon footprint, such as: grass covered buildings as a natural isolation, cross ventilation as a natural AC for the hottest months, rainwater collection to be reused and solar collection for heating and electricity.

We will build:

  • New Chimpanzee habitats
  • New Macaque habitats
  • New habitats for other primate species in need
  • New visitors centre
  • New classrooms and education centre



We are  working with our architect on the relocation and have agreed the following schedule:

  • March-December 2018 – Planning

  • Spring 2019 – Spring 2020 – Construction

  • Late Spring 2020 – Transfer to new sanctuary

How can you help?

All of our work would not be possible without your help and support.

The new Sanctuary is the largest single project we have undertaken at Mona and we would like you to be an integral part of our vision for primate welfare for years to come.

Help us now!

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