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Zocolavado: committed to the environment, committed to MONA.

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ZOCOLAVADO, ecological store of products and services, makes available to the consumer natural and 100% ecological products manufactured on the environmental premise with fully sustainable processes.

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Katy’s health check at the vet’s

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Katy, a victim of illegal trade and exploited as a tourist attraction, soon ceased to be “useful” to her owner. That is when, in 2002, she is rescued by MONA.

Katy is a Barbary Macaque female about 16 years old. Her life has not been easy, nor his recovery and rehabilitation in MONA.

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What’s the problem with palm oil?

In a consumer society such as ours, where compulsory buying, accumulation of goods and haste form part of our habitual behavior, there is little room for reflection: Most of us do not consider or ignore the social and economic repercussions of the articles or services we consume.

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“Totsdos” with MONA!

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MONA had long been thinking of creating an online store so that any of you, anytime and anywhere in the world, could give solidarity and contribute to the well-being of our rescued primates. Finally, thanks to the collaboration of TOTSDOS.COM, the project has become a reality.

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Lush’s Charity Pot blows 10 candles

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When we first met Lush, Fresh Handmade Cosmetics, almost nobody talked about palm oil. Except them, of course. And we clearly remember how we felt in love with their products: funny, vegetarian, free of animal testing and ethical. But what really stole our hearts was the fact that they were boycotting against the farming and use of this oil for its direct effects on orangutans extinction and habitats loss in Indonesia.

This April has started in Spain with the happiest of the news: many supermarkets will ban the use of palm oil in their products. And also this April, it is the 10th anniversary of Lush’s most charitable and, of course, palm oil free product: the Charity Pot cream. They have raised so far more than 23 millions of Euros, to fund grassroots organisations working on animal protection, human rights and environmental issues around the world.

At MONA we have a lot to thank to Charity Pot. As much, as the brand new van we acquired last year thanks to the fundings collected by all those people who bought their Charity Pot, and thanks to Lush who gave us this great opportunity.

Happy Birthday Charity Pot! Congratulations Lush, keep up with the good work. We are still as in love with you as the first day!



Isn’t a joke…

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“He has hit to the grandmother!” Several people laugh in a video of a chimpanzee throwing his droppings to the public who jelly in a Michigan zoo.

Miquel Llorente, president of the Primatological Association of Spain and responsible of the Research Department at Fundación MONA, recalls that the video may seem funny, but it is not. The chimpanzee “feels invaded”, it does not help that the public is higher than him and also, the animal does not have space to hide from the visitors, that are often “invasive and impolite”, especially when they  ” hit the glass and scream to catch the attention of animals “.

The chimpanzee, therefore, is not playing with visitors, if not quite the opposite. Chimpanzees, explains Miquel Llorente, ” are very intelligent animals able to put themselves in the other’s place and to understand that they are laughing at him.” These apes have learned that “throwing stool causes rejection and causes the public to move away”, thereby achieving finally some peace.


Creative Corner Agency, new MONASupport Company

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Creative Corner Agency, advertising & communication agency, has joined the MONASupport companies network with the design of the labels of the new MONADA wine.

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The story of Titín; the history of hundreds of Barbary macaques

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Today the INTERNATIONAL MACAQUES DAY is celebrated to make known this primate species. More than 70 different species belong to this group and among them is the Barbary Macaque, one of the species currently rescued by MONA.

On the occasion of this day, we want to tell you the story of Titin, one of the Barbary macaques rescued by MONA.

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MONA’s Friends are Serveis Panella’s friends!

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If you are a partner, adopter, volunteer or a MONA collaborator, you are in luck! Serveis Panella has decided to join our MONASupport companies network offering a special service to MONA and all its friends.

Since its inauguration in 1985, Serveis Panella has become a reference mechanical workshop for the repair of commercial and industrial vehicles in the province of Girona and now, in 2017, it becomes a solidarity company with those who care and work tor the welfare of primates.

We are very grateful to Serveis Panella for their collaboration. The small family of MONA grows more and more and that brings us closer to our goal: a better future for primates.

Become part of the solution for these animals today

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